FAQ about the Bond

FAQ about the Bond 2021/2026

The Bond 2021/2026 of Homann Holzwerkstoffe GmbH is a fixed-interest security with a target volume of EUR 65 million. The bond has a term of 5.5 years and carries a coupon of 4.50% p.a., which is paid annually in arrears on 12 September (for the first time in 2021). At the end of the term, the bond will be repaid to the holder on 12 September 2026 at the nominal amount (100%). The first trading day (trade in terms of issue) for the bond on the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Quotation Board segment was already on 3 March 2021. The issue and value date is 12 March 2021.

The issuer intends to use the net issue proceeds mainly for the repayment of the outstanding Bond 2017/2022 and as a liquidity reserve for continued growth and the further financing of the company’s activities.

The issuer is entitled to call the Bond 2021/2026 early (in part or in whole) at any time giving 10 to 30 days’ notice as of the redemption date chosen. The redemption amount will be 101.5% of the principal amount as of 12 September 2024 or 101.0% of the principal amount as of 12 September 2025.

For further information, please refer to the terms and conditions of the bond in the securities prospectus (PDF).

Yes, there is a current company rating for Homann Holzwerkstoffe GmbH. Creditreform Rating AG has confirmed the BB- rating of Homann Holzwerkstoffe GmbH on 29 October 2020. The outlook was raised to “stable”.

The rating does not constitute an investment recommendation. An assessment of the notes should be made only on the basis of the securities prospectus (PDF) and other publicly available information about the issuer.