Business units of HOMANN HOLZWERKSTOFFE group

Fibreboards (MDF/HDF)

The core business of the HOMANN HOLZWERKSTOFFE Group is the production of thin, high-quality wood fibreboards (MDF/HDF) with a thickness range of 1.5 mm - 22.0 mm.

We cover the entire production process from the procurement of raw materials such as wood and glue to the distribution of our products. We purchase wood raw materials (such as wood chips) for the production of fibreboards in the form of round wood, industrial wood, residual wood from sawmills and thinning wood. During the manufacturing process, the wood is defibrated and transformed into a wood fibre which is then pressed into wood fibreboards by adding glue and by means of heat and pressure.

The main customers of our Fibreboards (MDF/HDF) business unit are many of the best-known, globally operating furniture manufacturers and numerous large and medium-sized enterprises from the door and coating industries. Our thin fibreboards are used in the furniture industry, especially as back panels of cupboards and wardrobes, bottoms of drawers or front and back panels of doors of any kind.