Corporate guidelines

We process wood and related products, i.e. natural raw materials. “A natural core” is our mission statement. It is therefore natural for us to attach great importance to environmental issues when purchasing raw materials and during the entire production process. We are, for example, actively involved in the protection of the environment, especially the conservation of forests. As a matter of principle, we therefore exclude the following sources of wood procurement:

  • Wood from illegal logging and overexploitation
  • Wood from forests where civil and traditional rights are violated
  • Wood from high conservation value forests
  • Wood from genetically modified trees
  • Wood from natural forest clearance

In addition, various measures implemented in our production processes make our production more ecological and environmentally friendly. Wood residues at our production sites are, for example, used to generate heat. HOMANN HOLZWERKSTOFFE Group takes greatest care to ensure a closed, ecological production cycle.


HOMANN HOLZWERKSTOFFE Group stands for highest quality standards in terms of product and customer service.
We assure this quality to our customers and expect the same from our suppliers.

We keep our promises – regardless of the effort it may cost us.
We are a reliable partner with all our statements and all our actions.

We take the initiative and assume responsibility for our actions.
We are willing to stand up for our mistakes and learn from them.

We cultivate a cooperative, open and fair style in dealing with our customers and suppliers worldwide and with each other.
We treat each other with mutual respect and trust.

Economic efficiency
The quality of the product and customer service at fair market prices as well as positive results of our actions are indispensable prerequisites for the future of our company. Continuous innovation and improvement in every respect is our daily task.

Number 1
HOMANN HOLZWERKSTOFFE Group always wants to be the number 1 and your best partner.

Ecology and environment

The environmental compatibility of our products results from the input of materials such as natural timbers, glue systems with an extremely low content of formaldehyde and a gentle, ecologically path-breaking manufacturing process. Final products can be composted and thermally reused.

1. Primary products
Domestic timbers are used for the production of HDF HOMADUR®, especially thinning wood and scrap wood from sawmills.

2. Adhesives
The glues used belong to the group of duroplastic adhesives. All glues we use are classified as E1 adhesives.

3. Lacquers
The lacquers used are aqueous dispersion paints which are protected by an AC-UV lacquer.

4. Manufacturing process
HDF HOMADUR® is produced in an environment-friendly dry process. After heating the chipped timbers under pressure with subsequent defibration, the moist wood fibre is sprayed with adhesives and then gently dried in a warm air stream. The subsequent pressing in the hot press is also carried out in a dry process. The exhaust vapours emerging from the process of drying and pressing are passed onto an air washer especially developed for this purpose. The resulting wastewater is cleaned and reused. Residuals arising from the production process are almost completely recycled or thermally reused.

5. Disposal of HDF HOMADUR® after use
Thermal reuse of HDF products is unproblematic, as they are not treated with PVC or halogen-organic substances.